We have renewed our homepage.

A town in the Seto Inland Sea surrounded by warm and rich nature, Higashi-Kagawa, Kagawa Prefecture.
The home page of Setouchi Caviar, a domestic caviar manufactured by CAVIC Co., Ltd., has been reopened.

What kind of thing is Setouchi Caviar, what kind of facilities and what kind of thought is made from such contents, The image which copied the nature of raw caviar, along with the beautiful scenery of the East Kagawa city,
It is easy to understand and can be viewed.

Also, if you want to eat immediately, you can feel free to buy from the online shop, so you can feel the appeal of Seto Inland Caviar more quickly.

"We want people in the world to know more about the charm and taste of real caviar" Planning and manufacturing Seto Inland Caviar President of CAVIC Co., Ltd. Itazaka has been working on manufacturing domestic caviar since 2013 from this passionate passion I give up.

In order to protect the safety as food, the facilities have passed strict examinations, and both the US and Europe have obtained HACCP certification.

Please take this opportunity to know the depth of the nationally produced caviar and enjoy the concept of caviar and the world view of "Setouchi Caviar" that changes the standard value.