Japanese-produced fresh raw caviar

Although the harvesting period for fresh caviar is limited to a period of around four months during the winter season, CAVIC has developed its own proprietary specialized freezing and preservation method, in order to enable stable supply of fresh caviar throughout the year. When eating our caviar, allow it slowly defrost in your refrigerator over a period of around four hours, and serve it as-is as an accompaniment to other dishes. Japanese-produced fresh caviar transcends the boundaries of culinary genres and expands the possibilities of fine dining.

Setouchi Caviar Product Lineup

Bester Raw Taste Caviar

The pale coloring, creamy flavor and delicate nasal aftertaste of Bester caviar are everything we would expect from the Beluga lineage

The Bester is a hybrid variety of sturgeon, created as a result of breeding other species of sturgeon with the Beluga (European sturgeon), which is known for producing the finest caviar amongst all sturgeon. The creamy flavor of this caviar gives no impression of eating fish roe, and sometimes exudes a hint of hazelnut-like aroma. We prepare this caviar with low salt content, unheated, and aged to perfection at freezing temperature, locking in the high quality of the ingredients. Please enjoy the elegant aroma and delicate nasal aftertaste of this fine caviar.

Sturgeon roe [variety: Bester], rock salt
Salt content:
Less than 3%
Storage guidelines:
Store for up to approx. one year frozen. Consume within two days after defrosting.
  • Bester Raw Taste Caviar 15g

    \8,200 (excl. tax) / 1 jar

  • Bester Raw Taste Caviar 25g

    \13,200 (excl. tax) / 1 jar

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Amur Raw Taste Caviar

The rare and large-grained Amur is a classic caviar, harvested from sturgeon rear over a period of ten years

Caviar harvested from Amur sturgeon are larger in size than other varieties of caviar, and have a distinctive beautiful green-tinted coloring. Amur caviar offers a typically roe-like flavor attained only with caviar harvested from the original species, and the presence of the individual roe can be felt on the tongue. It has a classic taste that will satisfy all caviar lovers. Over the period of ten years needed before the roe can be harvested, the Amur sturgeon are reared in a flow of natural spring water, drawn from a source approximately 100 meters underground. This method produces caviar with a pure, clean and odor-free flavor.

Sturgeon roe [variety: Amur], rock salt
Salt content:
Less than 3%
Storage guidelines:
Store for up to approx. one year frozen. Consume within two days after defrosting.
  • Amur Raw Taste Caviar 15g

    \11,200 (excl. tax) / 1 jar

  • Amur Raw Taste Caviar 25g

    \18,200 (excl. tax) / 1 jar

Information on how to use

Made-to-order Caviar

The ultimate extravagance: your own preferred preparation of caviar in a jar made-to-order

Made-to-order caviar is produced to match your own particular preferences, including attributes that produce differences in the flavor of the caviar, such as the variety of sturgeon, type of rock salt and salt concentration used. We can also produce house brands of caviar, with original label designs. Orders are accepted from one brood upwards, and reservations can be made up to one month prior to the harvesting season. Please feel free to inquire with us.

Made-to-order menu

  • 1.Rock salt type
  • 2.Salt concentration
  • 3.Maturation period
  • 4.Fish variety



Your caviar will be delivered in a beautiful presentation box.

Delivery Guidelines / Specifying Date and Time of Arrival

Your caviar will be shipped within three business days after confirmation of your order.
It is possible to specify a date and time of delivery five days or more after the date of your order (excluding remote areas, mountainous regions and remote islands.) * In the case of payment by bank transfer, orders will be dispatched after your payment is confirmed.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, cash on delivery, or card payment.

・Bank transfer

After confirming the details of your order, we will contact you with bank account details. Please transfer payment within three days of the date of your order. Please be aware that transfer fees are to be covered by the customer.

・Cash on delivery

We request a flat rate payment of ¥324 as a handling fee for payment by cash on delivery. Please pay the total amount of your product, delivery charges, and cash on delivery handling fee to the courier who delivers the product to you.

・Card payments

We accept card payments by JCB, VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, UC, Credit Saison, Aeon Credit, MUFG, DC, UFJ and NICOS.

Delivery & Delivery Charges

・Delivery: courier service designated by CAVIC (refrigerated courier service)
・Delivery charge: \850 (flat rate)

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Holidays: Sundays, national holidays, end-of-year and New Year, etc. Business hours: 08:00 – 17:00