Setouchi CaviarCAVIC

CAVIC harvests the rich, moist caviar obtained from sturgeon bred in limpid natural water in Japan’s Setouchi region, with its mild climate and rich natural surroundings. Our caviar is elegantly seasoned using high-quality rock salt, and preserved in its fresh, uncooked state using specialized freezing methods. Why not enjoy the fresh, smooth, delicious taste of caviar as an accompaniment to your favorite dish?


Smooth sweetness and exquisite melt-in-the-mouth texture
Enjoy the true and unadulterated deliciousness of fresh, uncooked caviar

CAVIC’s caviar is not pasteurized or heavily salted, enabling you to enjoy its true and unadulterated sweetness and texture. The mild flavor achieved by minimizing the salt content of our caviar to below 3% adds a new depth and richness to any genre of cuisine, and is of course an excellent match for not only champagne and wine, but also other alcoholic beverages such as Japanese sake. The high quality of the ingredients draws out the deliciousness of other dishes.


From an abandoned school filled with memories in Japan’s Setouchi region, to the world
Experience the hidden sentiments instilled in our 100% Japanese-produced fresh caviar

CAVIC is based in Hiketa in the city of Higashikagawa, which sits in the easternmost corner of Kagawa—Japan’s smallest prefecture—on the prefectural border with Tokushima. Like many of Japan’s rural communities, the town is struggling against the tide of depopulation and population aging, and the town’s only junior high school was facing the end of its role in obscurity. We wanted to find some way of preserving the school, which is filled with memories for the local people, and utilize it in some way. Those were the sentiments with which we started CAVIC.